An electric foot file strips away old and cracked skin, giving your feet a soft and silky feel

With just 10 minutes a week, you can give your feet a SPA treatment, getting rid of those embarrassing calluses and cracks
Emma Williams –
23/10/2023 17h33
Updated 2 hours ago
One of the worst feelings for any woman with cracked feet is the embarrassment of wearing open shoes, whether it’s sandals, thongs, or high heels.
It doesn’t matter if it’s over 30 degrees, the choice is always sneakers or closed shoes, and yet, feeling the sock snagging on the heel cracks is frustrating and even painful…
The thing is, to remove and prevent calluses and cracks, it’s not enough to just apply moisturising creams before bed, you need to hit the salon once a week just for foot care… and who’s got time for that?
Besides, DIY solutions like metal graters peel the soles of your feet and hurt the skin, or the famous Pumice Stones, which we rub on our feet until they disintegrate and still don’t leave the skin smooth and soft as we want.
The truth is, all the homemade methods can remove the calluses and cracks, but not all are suitable for every type of skin.
See, if you’ve got sensitive skin, and start filing your feet and heels for too long and many days a week, your skin will turn red, but soft and silky for a short period of time, then your body will think you’ve injured yourself, and start producing excess skin to make the area stronger against injuries.
And if you have really thick skin and use those steel “graters”, the same thing happens, but you also run the risk of cutting and creating wounds on your feet and heels.
So what’s the solution? Is the only way really to go to the beauty salon and have a spa treatment every week to keep your feet smooth and hydrated?
If you’re among the women who don’t want to spend all their time and a fortune at the salon to be able to wear heels, sandals, and thongs without any insecurity or embarrassment, you’ll be glad to know that thanks to a recent innovation, you can have smooth and soft feet in minutes and without leaving home!
In an unprecedented collaboration, a leading company in Melbourne has teamed up with specialists and podiatrists to create an electric foot file that’s already being called “The Fountain of Youth for Feet.”
This new device, named Redux, is a powerful electric foot file that promises to significantly reduce cracks and calluses, rejuvenating your feet and restoring their softness, smooth appearance, and healthy look.

So, what is Redux, and how does it work?

Redux is an electric foot file with 2 rotation speeds, making it easy to remove calluses and cracks without having to scrub all over the foot, just hold it in contact with the area you need to smooth, and the device does the rest by itself!
Moreover, with the intention of softly smoothing the feet, the specialists developed 3 files with different abrasions that can be easily swapped on your Redux, making it capable of leaving any type of skin silky, from the most sensitive, which needs low abrasion, to the thickest skin, which can use the most abrasive file and it will do the job.
All this with 2 important differentials to make it easy and comfortable to use, Redux is 100% waterproof, you can use it without worry during the shower, and its 360º file shape allows you to handle all the curves of the feet without any effort.
With all these positives, our team decided to buy it and test it to confirm if Redux lives up to its promises, and the result was surprising:

Review and honest opinion:

Sophie Taylor, Photojournalist, was chosen to test the product, see below her opinion:
“I must confess I was really excited to see the product review. For work, I usually don’t wear open shoes, so I believe no one in the team has seen my feet, because if they had, they’d understand why I asked to review the Redux.
As part of my job involves taking pictures, I spend a lot of time in the field, walking a lot, plus my busy routine makes it difficult to care for my feet. Since my 30s, I’ve started noticing my heels cracking and the soles of my feet drying out. I always used moisturizing creams, but they never solved the problem definitively, as I knew care needed to be frequent, I just never had much time to go to the beauty salon.
Bringing Redux home, I was eager to use and test it, and right from the first contact, I was surprised. The material is quality, and the color is very pretty, but without wasting time, I took off my shoes and started using it on my feet.
At first, I felt the file was too strong, the dead skin came off easily, but my heel felt too hot, it was uncomfortable…
I read the instructions and found the medium abrasion file, one of the 3 that comes with the product.
With this one, yes, I felt my heels getting smoother, it was like a gentle massage, and after 2 or 3 minutes, I had finished one foot, but I kept going for another 2 minutes, just because it was so comfortable and satisfying to use.
When I finished both feet, which must have taken no more than 15 minutes, I rinsed the Redux and my feet with warm water, and as I ran my hands over them, I could already feel the skin much softer and healthier looking…
But the biggest shock came on the fourth use, in the second week, I did my routine of filing my feet with Redux while taking a shower, dried off, and went to bed… for the first time in years, I felt my feet glide across my silk sheets, without snagging and catching on the heels…
What a delight! Finally, I felt the pleasure of really seeing the results of my efforts to have more beautiful and soft feet.
Now the best part was when my husband accidentally touched my feet with his, his automatic reaction was to pull away in surprise, but then he came back, caressing my feet with his again, and asked, “Did you get your feet done at the salon? How are they so soft?”
That comment was music to my ears! I told him about Redux but made sure to tell him to get his own and not use mine.
So, if like me, you also have cracked and dry feet, do yourself a favor and get a Redux, honestly, it’s the best product I’ve used in years!
What you get is not just a foot file, it’s the perfect combination of personal care with practicality and quick results! A true SPA for your feet, at home!
I believe not even going to the beauty salon twice a week would have left my feet as beautiful and soft. But I must warn you of a very serious problem. The price.
Calm down, Redux is much cheaper than 4 SPA sessions for feet in beauty salons, which I usually go to, would cost an average of $480 a month…
But if you’re not careful, you’ll end up like me, buying too many heels, sandals, and thongs unnecessarily, just because you’ll want to strut around showing off your beautiful and soft feet to everyone!
So, if you finally want to get rid of the calluses and cracked skin on your feet, but don’t have the time, and don’t want to spend a fortune at beauty salons, definitely treat your feet to a Redux. You won’t regret it!

Let's recap the benefits of Redux?

How can you buy it?

Our team of reporters contacted the official distributor of Redux in Australia.

In response, we were informed that the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the official website (access by clicking here).

We were also informed that due to the success of the product, various counterfeit versions are appearing in the market.
Only through the official website will you have the complete certainty of receiving the original product with a 30-day warranty.
As a token of appreciation for this post, the manufacturer has provided our readers with an exclusive discount and free shipping.
To take advantage of the promotion, simply click on the image below or on this SPECIAL LINK, and the discount will be applied automatically.

UPDATE: Since Redux appeared on television, it has become a sensation and over 18 thousand units have been sold through the official website. Due to its popularity and all the positive testimonials, we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity and buy yours today. To check if they are still available in your area, simply click on the official link here.


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Henry Tonkin 23 hours ago
The product is really good and more practical and affordable than any other type of treatment, callus removal is instantaneous and painless!
Lilian McMurty 1 hour ago
The product is really efficient, my husband and I love it…
Rebecca B 23 minutes ago
Thank you for the advice, by the way, reading the comments here, the product really works, I’ll also buy it.
Gary H 4 hours ago I’ve been using it for a long time, it’s really good, I recommend it to anyone who has any kind of dry skin problem  
David V 3 hours ago
I’ve been using mine for 1 week and I can say the same, excellent.
Emma E 23 minutes ago
I am very happy with the purchase, it really surprised me. I am very satisfied. Shipping was very fast and it arrived well packaged. I recommend it.
Marie G 1 hour ago
How long does it take to revceive?
Karen N 15 minutes ago
Mine took 7 days to arrive.
Ferdinand S 1 day ago
Is this site really trustworthy
Isla C 23 hours ago
I bought mine and everything was fine…

Elena Brown 23 hours ago
It also arrived here, this is a reliable store, all the reviews speak well.

Charlotte W 23 hours ago
I investigated the site well before buying, it’s trustworthy and the company is well known!

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