Dentists Warn: This Daily Habit Is Destroying Your Oral Health

Renowned researchers reveal how common daily practices can cause gum disease and bad breath - and how one woman saved almost $13,000 solving it. See more.

In a startling turn of events, dental professionals across the country are sounding the alarm about a seemingly innocent morning habit that could be wreaking havoc on our oral health. This routine, practiced by millions of Americans daily, has been newly linked to an increased risk of severe gum disease and persistent bad breath.

Recent groundbreaking research conducted by a team of dental experts at the universities of Harvard, Pennsylvania, and Otago has revealed that many common toothpastes, that we use daily, contain chemicals that disrupt the delicate balance of good bacteria in our mouths, generating problems like bad breath and gum disease. Their findings have sent shockwaves through the dental community, challenging long-held beliefs about proper oral care.

But the good news is that a renowned dental researcher and his team have been quietly working on a revolutionary approach to oral health that promises to aid with gum problems and bad breath at their source. Their groundbreaking research focuses on nurturing the oral microbiome – the complex ecosystem of bacteria in our mouths – rather than destroying it like the products we use daily – this approach has helped already thousands of people avoid spending high sums on dentists and painful treatments…

A Life-Changing Discovery

At the heart of this discovery is the story of Sarah Thompson, a 48-year-old marketing specialist from Boston, whose life was turned upside down by severe gum disease.

“I’ve always been meticulous about my oral hygiene,” Sarah shared, her voice trembling slightly. “Brushing twice a day, flossing, regular check-ups – I did it all. So when my gums started bleeding and my breath became unbearable, I was devastated.”

Sarah’s struggle is one that resonates with many. As her condition worsened, she found herself retreating from social situations, avoiding close conversations, and even struggling in her career. “In marketing, you need to be confident, to connect with people,” she explained. “But how could I when I was constantly worried about my breath or if my gums would start bleeding mid-conversation?”

The turning point came during a routine dental visit. “When my dentist told me I needed a $12,545 procedure to save my teeth, my heart sank,” Sarah recalled, tears welling in her eyes. “As a single mom, that kind of money could put my daughter’s college fund at risk. I felt hopeless.”

A Natural Solution Emerges

Desperate to avoid the expensive procedure, Sarah began researching alternatives as soon as she arrived home. That’s when she stumbled upon Dr. Drew Sutton’s presentation about the oral microbiome.

“At first, I was incredibly skeptical,” Sarah admitted. “But as I watched, I couldn’t look away. Dr. Sutton explained something that shocked me: our daily oral hygiene routine, the very habits we think are protecting our teeth, might actually be causing harm.”

Sarah continued, “Who would have thought that brushing and rinsing with common oral care products could not only eliminate harmful bacteria but also destroy the beneficial ones our mouths need? It was a complete paradigm shift for me.”

Dr. Sutton’s presentation revealed how this disruption of the oral microbiome can lead to the very problems we’re trying to avoid, like gum disease and bad breath, and how a natural solution is able to:

  • Replenishing beneficial oral bacteria
  • Neutralizing harmful bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Supporting gum health and regeneration
  • Promoting natural teeth whitening

“What really caught my attention was how he described a simple, daily routine that could help restore this balance,” Sarah said. “It sounded almost too good to be true, but the science behind it made sense.”

Despite her initial skepticism, Sarah found herself seriously considering giving it a try.

Sarah explained. “After watching the entire presentation i was desperate looking for this.”,  that’s when I thought, “What do I have to lose?’ I will try this natural solution, If it works, it can change everything”.

Impressive Results

Eight weeks after starting Dr. Sutton’s natural oral care routine, Sarah returned to her dentist. The results were astonishing.

“Mrs. Thompson,” her dentist said, clearly surprised, “your gums have significantly improved. The inflammation has reduced and the pockets have started to close. I’ve never seen such rapid improvement without surgical intervention.”

Sarah couldn’t contain her joy. Not only had she avoided a painful and frightening procedure, but she had also saved $12,545.

The Microbiome Miracle: Dr. Sutton Explains the Science

Intrigued by Sarah’s remarkable story, we reached out to Dr. Drew Sutton to learn more about this groundbreaking approach to oral health. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Sutton shared fascinating insights into the revolutionary research behind this oral health innovation.

“This breakthrough wasn’t achieved overnight,” Dr. Sutton explained. “It’s the result of over nine years of intensive research and a $19 million investment. Our team tested more than 700 different bacteria to understand which ones are beneficial and which are harmful to oral health.”

Dr. Sutton says that important universities went on to reveal a startling discovery: “They found that many common toothpastes and mouthwashes are actually killing both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately. This disrupts the delicate balance of our oral microbiome, often leading to the very problems people are trying to prevent.”

Motivated by these findings, Dr. Sutton and his team developed a unique supplement designed to maintain oral hygiene while preserving beneficial bacteria. However, he cautioned that availability might be limited due to supply chain challenges.

“Some of the bacteria we need are quite rare,” he explained. “This can make consistent production challenging. We’re working hard to ensure a steady supply, but at times, we may face shortages.”

When asked about the effectiveness of this new approach, Dr. Sutton was enthusiastic. “Our supplement allows people to maintain their normal oral hygiene routines while supporting a healthy balance of oral bacteria. The results we’ve seen have been truly remarkable.”

Dr. Sutton urged those suffering from gum disease, persistent bad breath, or other oral health issues to watch his full presentation. “The video explains everything in detail – from the science behind the oral microbiome to how our solution works. It’s crucial information for anyone concerned about their oral health.”

If you’re battling oral health issues or simply want to understand this revolutionary approach to dental care, don’t miss this opportunity. The presentation is free to watch, and the information could be life-changing. Click below to view Dr. Sutton’s full explanation and discover how this ‘microbiome miracle’ could transform your oral health.

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