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Barefoot shoes: The miracle solution for comfortable walking and immediate pain relief

This new trend is sweeping Australia

By Mario Mooy – July 1, 2024 11:00 a.m. m. Updated an hour ago

Many recent studies have shown that the trainers and comfort shoes we wear every day have dramatic consequences for our body position and our joints.

​Faced with these alarming facts, a new type of shoe is emerging as an ideal alternative. After conquering the world of sport and health in the United States, barefoot shoes are now arriving in the Australia, and so far they’re a real hit.

What are these new ultra-comfortable shoes that can naturally relieve aches and pains?

Introducing Natura shoes, minimalist shoes that are 3 times lighter than ordinary shoes.

​They can be slipped on like socks and are extremely thin and flexible.

They were designed by a group of Canadian podiatrists who wanted to create a solution to prevent and relieve their patients’ joint pain and various foot pathologies (bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, etc.).

After 3 years’ work, they decided to start selling their shoes in various American states, and it was an immediate success.

​Sportsmen and women loved them because they felt lighter and more comfortable than traditional trainers, and elderly people said they were the only shoes that allowed them to walk again without feeling any pain.

How are Natura shoes designed?

Made from a new synthetic material, Natura shoes are lighter, thinner and more flexible than traditional shoes, allowing them to adapt perfectly to the shape of any foot.

​They do not compress or twist the feet, as is often the case with ordinary shoes.

It helps prevent most joint pain in the feet, knees, hips and back caused by poor body posture, which is generally the result of poor footwear, but above all it helps prevent various plantar pathologies: hallux valgus (bunion), callus, corns, plantar fasciitis, flat and sunken feet and claw toes.

Effective in relieving a wide range of aches and pains

To avoid these pains and pathologies, Natura shoes have been scientifically designed according to 5 points.

  1. Better arch support
  2. Good shock absorption to protect joints
  3. Better alignment of the foot and ankle
  4. Better stability to prevent falls and sprains
  5. Better flexibility because the foot is much freer in the shoe

As an example, here’s the difference on a person who wore Natura shoes for 3 months on a daily basis.

​In the image on the left, you can see that his toes were completely curled up and his arch was hollowed out. On the right, as a result of wearing the shoes barefoot, her feet eventually regained their natural shape.

Improves foot health

Why are Natura shoes such a success?

Natura barefoot shoes have been such a success just a few months after their launch because they are more comfortable and more versatile than ordinary shoes.

They can be worn for both indoor and outdoor activities. They adapt to any situation thanks to a non-slip sole, lacing that keeps the ankle firmly in place and a material that makes them completely waterproof.

Whether you wear them to go into town, do your gardening, play sport or go hiking, you’ll always feel just as good in them, because they’re so light you’ll feel like you’re walking barefoot.

Ideal for any situation!

Here’s a summary of the advantages of Natura shoes over conventional footwear:

✅ Relieves joint pain: in the feet, knees, hips and back

✅ Relieves foot pathologies: such as bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, flat and sunken feet and claw toes

✅ A feeling of lightness: the foot is not compressed and is free to move in the shoe

✅ Versatile use: the shoes can be used for any activity (walking around town, gardening, sports, outdoor activities, etc.)

✅ Minimum 3-year lifespan: the shoes are made from a highly resistant material, which means they can be worn for a very long time

✅ Cushioning insole: protects joints from micro-shocks when running, walking or jumping

✅ Non-slip outsole: prevents slipping in wet or rainy conditions

✅ Intelligent lacing: to keep the ankle tight and prevent sprains

✅ Sealed and waterproof: the shoes are completely insulated to prevent water from penetrating them

✅ 4 different colours: something for everyone

How much do Natura shoes cost?

Natura shoes retail for 178 AUD in the Australia. A price that may seem a bit steep for shoes, but they’re a good investment in terms of day-to-day comfort and long-term health.

Especially as they are very hard-wearing and designed to be worn for at least 3 years.​

Important announcement for our readers!

After telling Natura that we were going to write an article about them, they were delighted and decided to give us 10 coupons for a 50% discount to give to our readers.

This means you can get a pair of Natura shoes not for 178 AUD, but for just 89 AUD.

​If you’d like to get yours, you can click on the button below to check availability. But we recommend you don’t wait too long, as over 80,000 of you read our articles every week, so the coupons are likely to go fast.

They're already wearing Natura shoes, and here's what they have to say about them

"For years I'd been suffering from a bunion on my right foot that hurt as soon as I walked. At home in my slippers it was fine, but as soon as I had to go out in town it was a real ordeal... No matter how many shoes I tried, it never really helped. Then one day my doctor told me about these new Natura shoes, so I decided to give them a try. The least I can say is that they were a relief. When I put them on my feet I don't feel any pain, it's as if my bunion didn't exist. The shoe adapts well to my foot and I'm much more comfortable in them. I've even been able to go hiking with my friends again."
Marie, 63 years old
​Verified buyer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"After a knee injury forced me to give up tennis, I was resigned to never playing again. But since I discovered these barefoot shoes, my life has changed. Not only have they considerably alleviated my joint pain, they've also improved my posture and gait. Thanks to them, I've been able to take up tennis again, little by little. I can't recommend these shoes highly enough to anyone suffering from similar pain. They have really given me a second chance in my favourite sport."
Luke, 58 years old
​Verified buyer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I have to admit that I was sceptical at first. The idea of 'barefoot' shoes seemed strange to me, especially after years of wearing fairly classic trainers. But after giving in to my curiosity, I was pleasantly surprised. These shoes give me a feeling of freedom and comfort that I haven't felt for a long time. For someone who was just looking for a bit more comfort on a daily basis, it's a great find."
Adela, 46 years old
Verified buyer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Conclusion: is it a good idea to wear Natura shoes every day?

100% Yes, whether you’re a sportsman or simply looking to look after your health, Natura shoes seem to offer far better benefits than most traditional footwear.

​Given the positive feedback they’ve received from those who’ve already been able to try them out, and the favourable opinion given by many podiatrists, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the shoe cupboards of a good number of French people in the months to come!

How do I get real Natura shoes?

Following the launch of Natura shoes, many counterfeits have appeared.

But don’t be fooled. The one and only way to get real Natura shoes is to order them from their official website. Click on the button below to check availability.

Natura shoes also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you want.


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Chloe H. 2 hours ago

I’ve been suffering from foot pain for years and these shoes really alleviated the tension in my feet. The sole is incredibly cushioned and offers wonderful support. I can walk long distances without feeling pain, which is a big change for me. I recommend them for those with foot problems.

Milleny R. 23 minutes ago

I bought them for work and was amazed by the comfort. I work on my feet all day and since I started using them, I no longer feel that extreme tiredness in my feet and legs at the end of the day.

Eleanor K. 23 minutes ago

They are light, comfortable, and offer excellent support. Definitely the best purchase I’ve made this year.

Marta V. 4 hours ago

They have enough space for the toes and a design that does not cause pressure points on sensitive areas. Moreover, they are stylish and go with various clothing styles. I can finally leave the house without worrying about pain.

Josep S. 18 minutes ago

I was very happy with the purchase, it really surprised me. I am very satisfied. The shipping was very fast and arrived well packaged. I recommend it.

Rubens A.  5 hours ago

Good value for money, good product.

Betina M. 3 hours ago

How long did it take to arrive?

Jane S. 15 minutes ago

It took 7 days to arrive.

Joana M. 1 day ago

Is this site really reliable?

Natan F.  23 hours ago

I bought mine and everything went well…

Ketlyn P.  23 hours ago

I came here too, this is a reliable store, all the comments speak well of it.

Gareth R. 23 hours ago

I researched the site well before buying, it is reliable!

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